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Session 1 (08.35-11.00) Sala Dell’affresco:

• “Using the Fractal Enterprise Model for Analyzing and Predicting Effects from Introducing IT solutions” Giorina Maratsi and Ilia Bider

• “MIoTA: Modeling IoT Applications for Air Conditioning Facilities with ADOxx” Benjamin Nast, Kurt Sandkuhl, Stefan Paulus and Heiko Schiller

• “A modeling method for strategic design of induced Semantic Digital Nudging” Ștefan Uifălean and Robert Andrei Buchmann

• “Advancing the BPMN 2.0 Standard with an Extended Animated Notation: A Research Program for Token-Based Process Modeling Education” Ilia Maslov and Stephan Poelmans

• “Comparison of General-Purpose and Domain-Specific Modelling Languages in the IoT domain: A case study from the OMiLAB Community” Arianna Fedeli, Nils Beutling, Emanuele Laurenzi and Andrea Polini

Session 2 (11.30-13.30) Sala Dell’affresco:

• “Bridging Haptic Design Thinking and Cyber-Physical Environments through Digital Twins using Conceptual Modeling” Alexander Völz, Christian Muck, Danial M. Amlashi and Dimitris Karagiannis

• “Towards a Democratic AI-based Decision Support System to Improve Decision Making in Complex Ecosystems” Robert Woitsch, Christian Muck, Wilfrid Utz and Herwig Zeiner

• “Semantically annotated Learning Paths” (short paper) Charline Unternährer, Knut Hinkelmann and Sandra Schlick